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3 Reasons Why Factory Window Tint Is Not Dark Enough

3 Reasons Why Factory Window Tint Is Not Dark Enough

If you drive a vehicle that was manufactured within the last few years, chances are, the windows are equipped with factory-tinted glass. This tint job may look good, but it does virtually nothing to reduce the heat in your vehicle. Unfortunately, this is just one reason why factory-tinted windows aren’t equipped to deal with Vegas heat. Keep reading for three reasons why factory window tint is not dark enough for a Las Vegas summer.

Factory Tinting

Before we go any further, let’s explain what a factory window tint is. Factory tinting is an electrical process that involves dyeing the inside of the automotive glass with a dark pigment. The original manufacturer completes this task, and most people think this job is sufficient. However, rearview privacy is the only benefit that factory window-tinting offers. Factory tinting may look cool, but it doesn’t keep your vehicle cool.

Reason 1: Heat Rejection

Whether you live in Vegas or are just visiting, the vehicle you choose to operate needs to protect you from the heat. The AC will cool off the car while you’re in it, but what happens when you park it and can’t find any shade?

As we mentioned, manufacturers install factory tinting mainly for style and privacy. It does nothing to prevent actual heat penetration. And let’s face it: you’ll need proper window tinting in Las Vegas, NV. The simple dyed glass does not provide the heat rejection or protection that a superior window tint job can provide. The window film we install in our vehicles is the ultimate protection for drivers because it offers 93 percent heat rejection.

Reason 2: UV Exposure

Of course, you apply sunscreen to your skin when spending your days outside, but what protection do you have in your vehicle? Americans receive a large portion of sun exposure when in their vehicles, and factory window tints aren’t dark enough to combat exposure to UV rays. Plus, manufacturers typically only apply the factory window tint to the rear windows; the windshield and driver and passenger windows are fully exposed. However, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation, a ceramic window film rejects 99.9 percent of deadly cancer-causing UV radiation.

Reason 3: Theft Exposure

Everyone wants to make it big in Vegas, but not everyone wants to do it the honorable way. Don’t leave your car exposed. Thieves want to steal valuables they can see, and factory window tints make this easier for them. However, a proper window tint will obscure the view of the inside of your vehicle from thieves. They won’t be able to determine if you have anything valuable in your car, and they won’t know if anyone is inside the vehicle, either. They’ll avoid the risk of being caught and move on to another vehicle.

Blackjack Window Tinting provides the exact services you need to protect the interior of your vehicle. Visit our website for more information and all the deals we offer.

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