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A Quick Guide to Window Tint Percentages

A Quick Guide to Window Tint Percentages

With the summer heat rolling in, it makes sense to want to protect yourself from the sun. Aside from applying sunscreen, you should consider tinting your windows. You can tint the windows of your home, commercial property, and vehicle. If you plan to get your windows tinted in Vegas, you should learn the rules and regulations by reading a quick guide to window tint percentages.

Window Tint Percentage Examples

Understanding the differences in window tint percentages makes a world of difference. The percentages relate to the Visible Light Transmission (VLT). A 50% tint, for example, allows 50% of light to filter through. The higher the percentage, the more light that can pass through.

No Tint

With a factory tint, you protect your back windows, but the UV rays directly enter your car and can damage the interior. You may also encounter a glare from the sun. No tint means you don’t get an additional film added to your vehicle aside from the factory tint applied to the car.

5% Tint

Five percent tinting is illegal for most vehicles. This percentage blocks the full view, prohibiting you from seeing through the windows. The benefit of this tint is that it allows a high degree of privacy. Typically, only limousines can get this film.

20% Tint

Most people don’t apply this film because it makes driving difficult. With a 20% tint, you can see through the window at a close distance, but you won’t be able to see objects from afar.

35% Tint

With 35% tinting, you’ll get increased privacy with an overall dark and sleek look for your vehicle. Thirty-five percent tinting allows you to see through your windows. For passenger vehicles, you can get 35% VLT for your front side windows. Back windows are eligible for darker tinting.

50% Tint

Fifty percent tint film does not block UV rays completely, but it does block a large portion of the sun’s rays. This tint also reduces the heat inside your vehicle or other property.

Choose Blackjack

At Blackjack Window Tinting, we offer the best window tinting in Las Vegas, NV for ultimate protection from the sun’s harsh UV rays. But you don’t need to limit your window tinting to only your car. You can keep your home and commercial property at a cool and comfortable temperature with window tinting. Visit our website for more guidance on window tint percentages.

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