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How Does UV Ray Exposure Affect Your Driving?

Driving in bright sunlight is more than just a nuisance. The same warm rays that make summer so enjoyable can also cause serious damage to you, your passengers, and your car. We all know the dangers of UV exposure on sunny days, but how often do you consider how those UV rays affect you inside your car? If you’re asking, “How does UV ray exposure affect your driving?” then read this rundown.

How Does UV Ray Exposure Affect Your Driving?

The Risk of Skin Cancer

One of the biggest dangers of UV radiation is that it can cause skin cancer. Too much exposure to UV rays damages skin cells and increases your risk of developing skin cancer. That’s why you wear sunscreen on sunny days. But how often do you think to put on sunscreen before getting in the car? When the sun shines through your windows, the UV rays still hit your skin. Your left side is particularly vulnerable since it sits in direct sunlight because of the driver-side window.

An Uncomfortable Ride

Direct sunlight can damage your car’s interior. Some issues are purely aesthetic, but others can turn every commute into an uncomfortable drive. For example, heat and light from the sun dry out leather seats, causing them to crack and split. Fabric upholstery can also grow dry and stiff after too much exposure to UV rays.

UV rays can also affect the weather stripping around your car doors. When rubber weather stripping rots and erodes in the sun, it can’t effectively keep out water, dust, and other elements. Damaged weather stripping also weakens your vehicle’s insulation, making it harder to keep your car cool in the summer or warm in the winter.

Damaged Electronics and Safety Features

The sun can damage other components of your car, too. Long-term exposure to excessive heat can ruin electrical systems like the radio, navigation systems, and even some of your car’s electrical connections. No one wants to cruise around without the gadgets that make driving so much fun.

One of the most dangerous ways UV ray exposure affects your driving is by damaging your car’s safety features. UV rays can increase the temperature of your car’s interior, which in turn can damage your airbag system and other vital components.

Protecting Yourself and Your Car

Professional window tinting helps minimize UV exposure in your car. If you’re looking for a car tint in Las Vegas, then turn to Blackjack Window Tinting. Our expert services help you keep the interior of your car safe and comfortable so that you can focus less on UV exposure and more on enjoying the sunshine.

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