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Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Install Window Tint Yourself

If you’re looking to improve your home or your business, you might want to consider getting a window tint job. But don’t assume you can do this yourself. So many things can go wrong if you attempt to do this project independently—simply put, you should leave window tinting to the professionals. We’ve got plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t install window tint yourself.

It Requires Accuracy and Precision

Window tinting takes work and skill. Every tint application needs to match the exact measurements of the windowpane, and specific tools are also necessary to get the precise measurements and avoid miscalculations or errors. The film must be cut accurately, and the application process requires considerable care and talent. When applying the tint, professionals focus on preventing misalignment, wrinkles, and air bubbles. DIYers do not have the necessary tools to avoid these issues. Furthermore, experts focus on cutting the tint with care, avoiding any scratches that might destroy the quality of the tint.

DIYing Can Get Expensive

Don’t assume that you can save money by installing the tint yourself instead of hiring a professional. Most DIYers have no experience with window tint, and they could end up installing the film the wrong way. Then, they must reapply it, which means buying another tint. Some tints come with warranties, but the contract may not apply to you if an expert doesn’t install them. You can’t replace damaged tints. Buying replacement kits starts to add up; you can save the money you’d waste on multiple kits by simply hiring a professional.

It Might Involve Scaffolding

Some tint jobs might require a ladder, especially with more significant projects such as business window tinting in Las Vegas. Windows at great heights may even require scaffolding. You don’t want to risk your safety trying to complete this job yourself. If the ground you’re working on is unstable, you’ll have trouble applying the tint with precision while trying to steady yourself. Here at Blackjack Window Tinting, we use industry-grade ladders and scaffolding that ensure our safety and the accuracy of your window tint.

It Requires Multiple Steps

You’ll save time and money because we pride ourselves on getting the job done right on the first application. Blackjack Window Tinting follows all the necessary steps for applying the film. For instance, one speck of dirt on the windows can compromise the entire installation, but we’ll clean your windows with the right products before installation, removing all dust, dirt, and grime.

Hopefully, we’ve convinced you not to install window tint yourself. Our reputation speaks for itself. For more information, visit our website.

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