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The Most Common Things That Damage Vehicle Windows

The Most Common Things That Damage Vehicle Windows

Auto businesses manufacture vehicle windows to endure several different driving scenarios. Unfortunately, not every situation is accounted for, and these windows are not 100 percent damage-proof. Let us help you avoid the most common things that damage vehicle windows.

A Change in Temperature

You’ve probably heard that subfreezing temperatures can create cracks in your windshields, but did you know that prolonged exposure to heat also causes damage? If your windshield is exposed to extremely warm temperatures, the glass will expand.

Your vehicle is especially at risk if you reside in a subtropical or desert climate. In such cases, your vehicle will need proper car window tinting. Parking in shaded areas only serves as a temporary fix; you need a permanent solution.


Thieves can cause serious damage to your car’s interior and exterior. Most thieves won’t take the time to pick the lock on your vehicle—they will go for the windows first. Avoid leaving valuable items in your car as much as you can.

However, we know that no one is perfect, and people often forget this tip, leaving items behind in their cars. Tinted windows also help discourage thieves from vandalizing your car. If they can’t see inside, they won’t bother to break in.

Rocks and Debris

Rocks and debris are unavoidable, so naturally, we consider them among the most common things that damage vehicle windows. On the highway, strong winds hurl stones toward your car with ease. Storm debris from trees or construction sites produces chips and cracks on your windshield.

Keep a safe distance from larger vehicles on the road to reduce rock and stone exposure. Use a cover or take advantage of indoor parking, when possible, to avoid storm debris.

Car Accidents

Head-on collisions damage your vehicle, but minor incidents produce more cracks in your windows and windshield. An angled or rear-end collision can bend your windshield out of frame, causing severe damage to your car.

The bent frame puts excess pressure on the glass, turning a small incident into a big problem. Practice safe driving to minimize your risk of an accident. Give your vehicle routine maintenance checks to ensure its structural integrity remains intact.

The greatest thing about our services at Blackjack Window Tinting is that we provide a lifetime warranty for any installment you purchase. For more information about car window tinting in Las Vegas, visit our website to see how you can upgrade and protect your vehicle today.

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