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The Ultimate Guide to Vehicle Window Tint

The Ultimate Guide to Vehicle Window Tint

Summer is here, and while the summer months bring plenty of activity and fun, they also bring the heat. As you ride around this summer, you need to keep your car in cool temperatures. If you reside in Vegas, you know how deadly the sun can get.

Your AC creates a comfortable environment for you, but what if it breaks this summer? Or maybe sometimes you can’t find a stable temperature you enjoy. Keep the interior of your car cool by following the ultimate guide to vehicle window tint.

Benefits of Window Tint

In addition to keeping your car cool, window tint offers you and the interior of your vehicle better protection. With a window tint, you can block up to 99 percent of UV rays from the sun. The rays from the sun expose you and your vehicle to more than just heat aggravation.

Reduce Fading

The UV rays from the sun can cause fading of your dashboard and seats. The burning rays fade the upholstery and speed up the wear and tear of your car. If you ever want to sell your vehicle, the value might drop if it has a damaged interior.

Aside from the upholstery, your electronics face repercussions from the sun’s UV rays. Long-term exposure to excessive heat can ruin the electrical system. Things like your radio and the navigational system can start to glitch, making your ride distracting and uncomfortable.

Protects Your Skin

You don’t want to have the sun beating down on your arms all day. Even with the windows closed, UV rays can penetrate through non-tinted windows. Window tint blocks 99 percent of UV ray radiation. Too much exposure to UV radiation damages your skin cells and can increase your chances of developing skin cancer.

Keeps You Cool

The AC keeps your car cool during the ride, but what happens when you’re not operating your vehicle? While it sits parked waiting for you, the sun blasts inside. Sometimes, you won’t be able to locate a shaded area to park your car.

Window tint rejects heat by blocking the sun’s harshness and keeping your car at a cool, even temperature. The tint reflects the incoming light and reduces glare and heat. You don’t have to worry about returning to a hot vehicle. It also helps you save gas because you won’t need to keep the AC blasting during your car ride.

Privacy and Protection

Protect your car from thieves by adding a window tint. The film acts as extra protection on top of your car’s alarm system. Thieves steal what they can see, and the darkened windows keep your valuables hidden from their view.

Additionally, if someone attempted to break into your car, the film would hold the glass in place longer, making forceable entry more difficult. Depending on their number of attempts, you might catch the intruder in the act, or a bystander will.

Different Types of Window Tint

Your car automatically comes with a factory tint, but this tint doesn’t offer much protection for you or your vehicle. To select a good window tint, you need to know the different options. You don’t want to choose the wrong dye and then have it removed. That would be a waste of your time and money.

Dyed Window Tint

Dyed window tints, the most common type, consist of thin multi-layered films of dyed plastic. This dye comes in several different densities. This dye will stop a fair amount of UV ray exposure, but not all of it. It does, however, help keep your car cool.

Carbon Window Tint

Carbon window tint has a matte finish, and it’s considered less flashy than other tints. The carbon particles block out 40 percent of infrared light. This feature helps keep your car at a stable temperature for the entire ride.

Metallic Window Tint

Metallic window tint does better than dye at blocking UV radiation and offering heat rejection. The film has metal microparticles embedded in the layers, strengthening your car windows and making them more challenging to break.

Ceramic Window Tint

Ceramic window tint gives your windows superior protection without making them too dark. You get the most UV ray protection and glare reduction with ceramic window tint. Ceramic rivals all other window tints because the film consists of nonconductive, nonmetallic particles that create a durable, protective surface.

Window Tint Percentages

Automotive window tinting in Las Vegas requires specific rules. Accompanying those rules is a list of percentages you need to familiarize yourself with before application. Visible Light Transmissions (VLT) explains the percentage of visible light allowed through your car windows.

In Nevada, the tint darkness for sedans on windshields needs a nonreflective tint above the manufacturer’s AS-1 line. The front windows must allow up to 35 percent light in, and the back and rear windows have no restrictions.

  • 50 Percent Tint: A 50 percent tint blocks most UV ray exposure and keeps your car at a steady temperature with its heat rejection.

  • 20 Percent Tint: With 20 percent tint, you can’t see objects from far away, but you can see objects that are nearby through your windows.

  • 35 Percent Tint: Passenger vehicles typically get the 35 percent VLT for front-side windows. This tint’s overall dark and sleek look offers you great privacy while still making it possible to see through the windows.

Color Options

Nevada lets the vehicle owner select the color of their window tint, except for red and amber. A red tint can give the illusion that an emergency vehicle is flashing red light. Aside from these two colors, you can choose bronze, gray, and green. If you decide to tint your back windows, your vehicle must have dual-sided mirrors.

Other Rules and Regulations

The state law allows for seven percent of light transmission, but you qualify for a medical exemption if you require a special tint for medical reasons. To get this tint applied to your vehicle, you must first provide a letter to your manufacturer from your doctor that explicitly states the medical reason for your tint. Keep this letter on you whenever you operate your car.

Make sure your dealer has a certificate authorizing them to sell window tints in Nevada. Here at Blackjack Window Tinting, we have the credentials and the deals. We follow this ultimate guide to vehicle window tints to ensure you get the best service possible. For more information, visit our website.

The Ultimate Guide to Vehicle Window Tint

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