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Toy Exterior Protection

Diamond Shield

10H hardness protects your investment

10H Ceramic.png

Developed for aircraft use, our Diamond Shield ceramic coating stands up to intense elemental abrasion. With a 10H hardness rating, it acts as a super hard coating on top of your factory paint clear coat, glass and plastic.


Diamond Shield ceramic coating provides superior protection against UV damage, fading, oxidation, bug splatter, acid rain and bird droppings.

Stone Shield Film

Protect Your Windshield

On The Road or Trail

Stone shield windshield film is the crystal-clear, heavy-duty way to protect your expensive windshield against debris.

Showroom Shine

Surface correction is fundamental for protection

Before and After Paint Correction.png

Your factory clear coat is plagued by tiny peaks and valleys. Dirt sticks to the surface, and dirt is abrasive. Even washing a vehicle can scratch the surface.

When we perform surface correction, we smooth out the peaks and valleys of the clear coat. When finished with a fine protective wax, the slick surface leaves no place for dirty abrasives to hide. Dirt is shrugged off during washes instead of scratching the surface.

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