Vehicle Interior Protection

Heat and Cancer Protection

The Best IR/UV Protection is Supreme 9

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Supreme 9 ceramic window film is the ultimate protection for drivers who want to provide the coolest, safest interior for themselves and their passengers.

Supreme 9 ceramic film protects against a stunning 93% of infrared (heat) rays. It is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation for rejecting 99.99% of deadly cancer-causing UV radiation.


Heat Shield

Protect Your Dash. Cool Your Interior.

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Your windshield is the single largest source of ultraviolet and infrared radiation contamination. Heat Shield film rejects 99.99% UV and 93% IR, and also is supremely clear for confident nighttime driving.


Lifetime Warranty

Forever Peace of Mind


Every piece of window film has a lifetime warranty. Expect nothing less.

Nationwide Warranty

Wherever The Road Takes You


All of our vehicle window film comes with a nationwide warranty, honored across the country by hundreds of authorized installers.

Transferrable Warranty

Boost Your Vehicle's Value


When you sell your vehicle, your warranty will transfer to the next owner. You win!


Only Ceramics

The Best Heat Rejection

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We only offer ceramic automotive window tint films, for the best comfort for you, children and pets.

99.99% UV Rejection

Protect Against Cancer

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All of our auto window tint films are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation.

Demand the life-long protection for skin and your vehicle's interior.

All-American Suppliers

American Integrity

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We only buy window films from American companies. We value face-to-face accountability from American companies.